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Nature Positive Travel & Tourism

The leading sustainability report and road map for Travel & Tourism to become Guardians of Nature and get Nature Positive by 2030. 

Helps businesses understand and manage their impact on biodiversity ahead of the UN Biodiversity Conference (COP15) 

Join our global community and support our Vision for Nature Positive Travel & Tourism

The Nature Positive Vision for Travel & Tourism aspires to a future in which the industry has adopted a Nature Positive approach by 2030: integrating biodiversity safeguards and reducing impacts throughout operations and value chains while also undertaking actions to protect and restore nature. It also encourages Travel & Tourism to support and inspire governments, businesses, and society to implement the Global Biodiversity Framework and help transform humanity’s relationship with the natural world.


Travelling in Harmony with Nature

5 ways you can make your next trip Nature Positive

Let’s debunk a myth about travel: it does not always have a detrimental impact on the environment. As a tourist, you can even become a force for good. If you engage in nature positive travel, you can aid the biodiversity of a region and support local communities along the way. 

An eco-adventure through Puerto Rico

From bioluminescent bays to its soaring rainforest, Puerto Rico offers an abundance of natural treasures. The country is home to unique wildlife, all part of an intricate ecosystem that is as beautiful as it is fragile. Rest assured, there are ways to venture through all this in ways that can preserve, protect and nourish what you leave behind. 


Nature Positive Travel & Tourism 


ANIMONDIAL is a consultancy which has provided impartial advice and practical guidance on animal and nature protection in Travel & Tourism for over 20 years.

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